SDR 083: Speak Up

I am sure there was a time in your life where you felt that you have something to say but you decided to just keep it to yourself. In your defense, you thought that it was too trivial, it did not matter, you did not want to waste everyone’s time and all those selfless thoughts.

As much as I can appreciate them, I have discovered that it will eventually end up as a disservice to everyone in the end if I did not ask that said question. Most importantly, the one who loses out, is myself. Admittedly, the question that I have will usually benefit myself most but it could also extend to the people present and with that, it might trigger in their minds to ask other questions. And in most cases, the rest in the crowd will feel more confident or better position to ask questions, since they were not the first one.

Giving feedback or speaking up is very essential as we proceed further into life. We need to do so to stand true to our grounds, fight for our rights or simply voice out opinions and concerns for the society that we are a part of. This habit has to be encouraged and nurtured since young. Adults should encourage this exchange by not putting them young down when they are doing so. Instill respect in exchanging opinions and feedbacks. This will shape them to be better contributing and active members of society in the future.

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