SDR 084: “I Don’t Know”


As we go about living day to day striving for what we have aimed for, situations may require us to be in the know especially when asked about our endeavor by people around us. This continuous struggle of working towards your aim while people cast doubts upon it, sometimes even you yourself have them, and defending your grounds with these naysayers may get a toll on you.

Along the journey, you may build this shield where you are always on the defence mode and you think that in order to keep it all together, you need to have an answer for everything that is thrown at you.

Eventually, you will get burdened by this need to always have an answer for all the questions that is put across to you that you begin to feel frustrated with yourself. Because herein lies the simple fact. No one knows everything. No matter the status, occupation or credentials that one has, it is impossible for one person to know everything. A person may be an expert at his domain but to know everything about it, is just wishful thinking.

We need to understand that and occasionally admit that sometimes we too, do not know the answers to the questions. Acknowledging and verbalising it allows us to appreciate our humanity and limitations. Doing so humbles ourselves and that trait is very much needed in order to live a successful life.

Get into the habit of saying “I don’t know” when you really do not know the answer to a given question. Strive to find out the answer to it. If nothing surprises or challenges your thinking, then life is dull.

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