SDR 085: When Life Knocks You Down, You Need To Make A Decision


Reading inspiring stories from people of all walks of life present itself a common theme – the importance of the decision one makes when life knocks you down. Some of the things that I have read has literally got me teared up but like most, when they pull themselves together and rise up to the occasion, I felt genuinely happy for the individual. With most of the stories, I have not met the man or woman behind them but they resonated with me still.

The power of the human will has the ability to defy all odds and achieve whatever he or she has set out for. The common theme found in successful people is that they decide once and for all, especially after a setback, that they were done being in that state and made a conscious decision that their life thereafter will be a better one.

Well, come to think of it, when you have reached rock bottom, there are only two options – One is to remain there and the other is to get up and get

better. Reading this, it might be easy for one to assume that obviously the latter is the way to go but tell me again when you are in that ‘rock bottom’ situation.

There has to be a strong enough reason or ‘Why’ that one has to get up from that situation. It could be because they need to care for their loved ones, they have identified a very strong mission in their lives, they have a level of standard for themselves or simply because they are tired of their current situation. Now, a bit of caution, for that last reason, two outcomes can occur. One is that they get up fighting to better their lives or the other, they end it by committing suicide.

Whatever the reasons might be, seek for them, at least one. I strongly believe that life has to mean something and that each of us has an important role to play. Therefore do not lose hope and give up. You are much stronger than that.

If only you knew.

Life is not about the events that one encounters, more importantly, it lies in your decision thereafter.

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