Success Daily Reminder 087: You Are Your Best Cheerleader

You-Are-Your-Best-Cheerleader-QuoteIt will be nice if at every step of your way, you are greeted with words of encouragement and support. It sure does boost a lot of one’s self-confidence I can assure you. But unfortunately or fortunately, that does not happen in real life. Here, we are lucky if we get even a remark about each of our efforts. It is quite sad come to think of it but hey, let’s work on what we’ve got.

Ourselves. That’s what we have in the end, and what we’ll for sure always have. Divine intervention aside, no one else will whisper words of encouragement or shout their support for each of the step that you take to reach your desired destination. So literally, ‘give yourself a pat at the back’ at every step of your journey. If nothing more, it is to remind you that you are getting there. Every step of the way, no matter how bleak it might seemed.

Usually, it is only when you have reached a certain level of success will every step of your way be cheered upon, that too does not happen very often. It could go quite the opposite at some occasions. But till then, you are all you’ve got to cheer yourself through. Do not depend on anyone too much, even your loved ones. They all have lives to live. It is foolish to think that their lives revolve around you. So if you have been thinking so, it will be best for yourself and everyone else around you to stop that line of thought and start living.

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