Success Daily Reminder 088: Focus On What You Can Control, Not What You Can’t


Remember the time when you’re late for an important meeting or an appointment? And you are in a train? How did that feel? I can tell from personal experience that it is pretty full on adrenaline pumping action. The agony that I have no control over the train just makes the ordeal worser.

I believe that such events are only limited to transportation woes but pretty much anything else, more so in the pursuit of success.

We can have all the plans and strategies but failing to control our reactions and emotions when such situations occur might cause our plans to backfire on us. In the event when something untoward happened along your journey, will yourself to focus on what you can control. Doing otherwise is a much easier option hence why many do it but you might not find many if not any successful people who does it.

Much energy and time that can be put to better use will be wasted if we indulge ourselves with that level of thinking. I know that it might be easier said than done that’s where practise comes in. It will not be easy the first few times but keep at it and you will be well rewarded.

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