Success Daily Reminder 089: People Make Mistakes

People-Make-Mistakes-QuoteExpecting perfection from others is indeed foolish. We know it but often times we make the mistake of continuously doing just that. And we indulge in this cycle time and again. Why is that so?

Wouldn’t someone who has been through that time and again understood and accept the simple fact about human beings – that we are not perfect. And to expect otherwise is purely romanticising a situation that will never happen. Perhaps it is the trusting nature in us or the emotions clouding our judgement situation taking over.

Once we can honestly accept that fact, how then should we react when people let us down? This is important to know as they eventually will at some point. Pardon the negative energy here but it is just a simple fact of life. We might hear the saying that life is too short therefore if we choose to love someone, we should love fully, or something along the line. That in my opinion is just a recipe for a long time of heartbreak.

The point that I want to bring across is that as much as we should expect others to deliver on their promises, we need to also prepare ourselves in the event things do not happen as expected. More so, if we have set out plans and we failed to achieve them because of our shortcomings, do not beat yourselves up. Accept it and move on. Strive to do better. That’s more important.

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