Success Daily Reminder 090: The Power In Forgiving

The-Power-In-Forgiving-QuotePreviously, we reminded ourselves to understand and accept the simple fact that we as human beings are not faultless. Therefore to expect it of someone else is foolish and quite like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Forgiving is widely encouraged and endorsed by many, especially when they are an outsider or just a bystander in your affairs. Hearing such words by people who do not have a stake in the outcome of your affairs would mean little to you.

So let’s remind ourselves why it is such a recommended tool. When a person forgives, he frees himself from the mental work of sending out negative energy to the person that he is directing his anger or hate to. And that takes up space in our limited time, mind and energy.

We might think that the more we direct our hate and anger to the said person, the more better it will make us feel. But doing so prevents you from fully accessing your mental and physical capabilities to live the life that you desire.

As we learn to be understanding and accepting that human beings make mistakes, the closer we are to forgive easily. The point here is to move on with our lives as quickly as possible. Because in the end, although we might not feel it, we are running against time. I do not know about you, but I rather ‘waste’ it on me, and how I can better myself and the lives of my loved ones, than on people who only brings in negative energy.

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