Success Daily Reminder 091: Respect A Fellow Man

Respect-A-Fellow-ManSometimes we get too caught up with our own affairs that we start to look at the world through our blurry lenses. We subconsciously judge the world and others in it through what we assume or supposedly know is right or should be.

It takes conversing with others to actually have a real chance at understanding what they are going through and with that dust a little bit of our blurry lenses. If only we stop obsessing about our own lives for a while and bothered to genuinely ask how others are getting on, especially those that are on a lower economic status than us, we would hear remarkable stories that will make us question our preconceived thoughts, priorities and outlook.

There is a common misconception that when we help those who are less fortunate, they are the ones who are benefiting. However, I have come to realise that it works both ways if not more for those who offers the help. The story of strength from such people can inspire us to apply some of the values into our own lives. Therefore treat everyone with respect. Do not wait for them to earn your respect. Be the first to do it. There is no real reason not to.

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