Success Daily Reminder 094: Know Your Why


To start could be the hardest thing one can do. And at times, to finish, is also another story. If you do not fall into either of these categories, please share your tips down below. However, for those that are experiencing either one of these or even both of them, this might be a good reminder.

Know your why.

Simple as that. Or at least, it sounds simple enough. Thing is, most of us only have an idea of what their ‘why’ is. They thought it in their head and assume that it is enough. And then they fall back into the routine of not being able to start or finish something. Knowing your why is not enough to just know it in your head and heart. You need to pen it down. Clearly and put in a place where you see it often. Only after you have done so, and have seen it countless times will it be ‘tattooed’ in your head and heart.

Now, you might think that this sounds silly. But I can assure you that you will not know if it works if you do not give it a go. Take a moment after reading this and write your ‘Why’ down. And put it up. It is not only goals and dreams that one should write down. Your ‘Why’ should be up too.

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