Success Daily Reminder 095: Show Up & Go With The Flow


If you ever want something in life, you need to just do one simple thing; show up. Show up in the gym, park, library, conferences, workshops, get-togethers, places of worship, events or any other place where you can get what you want or have a better chance to be surrounded with like-minded people, even if it is in another country.

Don’t sweat the details. Just show up. And when you are there, go with the flow. Be open and put your best face forward. You never know what awesome stuff is in stored for you there – you might feel motivated, inspired by the encounters you make, found a book that changes your life, make a great connection with one or two people or even found your future partner, in business or life. Thing is, it is a simple thing, showing up. You need to just make the commitment to do so.

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