Success Daily Reminder 099: Make That Call And Grow Your Relationship


Ever missed someone? One that is alive. What did you do about it? Did you sit and wait for the other party to contact you? Or did you call them up or send a text, or WhatsApp/BBM/Tweet/FB msg/etc.? It continues to amuse and sometimes annoy me when a plethora of mediums are available for communication yet one insist on waiting for the other party to make the ‘first move’. And then you wonder why your relationship soured?

Well, you can let this internal ego battle of yours make you more miserable or you can just puff it out and make that call or send that message. I understand that perhaps in your head, you are thinking what if it makes you seem needy or uncool (God help us, who wants to be uncool?) or that person must be real busy so you should not bother him/her. Whatever it is, you never know for sure. Give that person a ring or whatever it is you use these days to communicate with one another and then, only then, do you wait.

If that person replies, great. If not, well you did your part. It takes two hands to clap and so does any relationship, even platonic ones. So don’t kick yourself up and down if the other party does not return your calls or messages. There are many others who are dying for your attention. Treasure those people. Weed out those that do not give a hoot about you. Your life will be a lot better.

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