Success Daily Reminder 100: Persistence Is Key


As I write today, my 100th post, I began to understand the often heard phrase – ‘Persistent Is Key’. When I started this blog, the intention was simple – to remind myself daily on the things I have to do to live a successful life. I used to read books about it, listen to inspirational talks and I would be really excited and motivated for that moment but after a while, I go about doing the old stuff albeit a slight improvement. However, having this blog, where I boldly (or foolishly) declared as a daily entry medium, gave me a huge motivation to change that cycle.

I am deeply humbled and grateful by the encouraging support of those that have been reading the entries, giving feedbacks, sharing insights, liking them, retweeting them or even discussing them with other people. Truly, it means a lot to me. As much as this is a personal blog, to know that it somehow has positively affected other people, is something that I can only be grateful for that honour. I always believe that life has to mean something. And if this tiny contribution has helped you in any way, then I feel like mine does.

I am privileged to be surrounded by people around me or anywhere else in the world that has inspired the entries thus far. And I am looking forward to all the amazing insights and wisdom the future holds.

Your presence is greatly appreciated. Make it known by posting comments or by the other available mediums. And if you have any success stories or suggestions to share, I am definitely more than happy to receive them.

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