Success Daily Reminder 104: Ignorance Is Bliss


With technology integrating more and more into our lives each day, information is not scarce. With a touch of a button, we can access a live telecast of what’s happening on the other side. It has come to a point where some of us cannot live without our gadgets. They have become a part of us. Well to be fair, technology was created to increase mobility and accessibility. So on the other end, we should be proud of what has been accomplished today. However, it seemed that we are now overloaded with information that most of the time are unnecessary to acquire. In return, we now have a very short span of attention and this my friend is something we cannot afford to have in this journey called success.

Information is now like a drug where the term coined ‘information junkie’ is often used for the ‘abuser’. We need to understand that information is good to have when we need it but dumping our mind with everything we can get our hands on creates a messy and chaotic environment for it to deliver its best work. Take a time out. Or schedule the time where you will be receiving emails or replying to messages or even answering calls. Do not be afraid of not being reachable or knowing something important is happening. Inform others when you can be reached. They might not understand at it at first but keep at it. Screen calls to allow only your loved ones access to you at all times. Well, you get the drift.

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