Success Daily Reminder 107: Less Thinking, More Doing


Something I often need to remind myself time and again is to stop thinking, at least not too much, and just do something. We were taught to analyse situations, to think before we act and to use our minds when making decisions, especially big ones. So most of us, being good students, do exactly that. On the downside, we take things a little too extreme. We overthink it. And we become stuck, confused and afraid.

Thinking is good. It is great actually. But we need to shift our minds to start celebrating great doers instead of mostly great thinkers. Yes, the power of thought has provided much appreciated light into the world but when everything now is all bright and well, perhaps the focus in the way we place value should also change towards more action oriented.

So whenever you find yourself in the state of overwhelm, frustration, procrastination or the likes because you have been thinking a lot, stop thinking and just do stuff.

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