Success Daily Reminder 108: Think Before You Speak, Really


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying to follow your heart and do whatever it is your heart desire. Imagine saying it like how they do in the movies with all the melodrama included, it should stir something positive inside you. Well, if it doesn’t, don’t worry about it. Just means you need a little more practise.

Speaking on the other hand, is a totally different thing. Unless you are pre-recording it than sure, this might not apply. Well, if you are participating in a live setting/conversation or sending messages than it would be in your best interest to at least put some thought into them. Do not just follow your heart and speak. Yes, some people do make it look easy. But don’t let them fool you. Those people must at least have some points beforehand or some form of structure or they practise a lot or we can just leave that to divine intervention.

All jokes aside, our words are a weapon on its own. Quite lethal to be honest. Once you let it out, it is impossible to take it back. And sometimes when we let our heart or emotions get the better of us, we might utter words that hurts others and most of the time, they stay with the other person for as long as they can remember. You might care less if it is someone you dislike, but what if it is someone you care about? Now, in case you’re getting creative, this requires practise. It’s not a switch where you can turn on and off at whim. So start thinking before you open that mouth of yours.

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