Success Daily Reminder 109: Hold On To Your Faith


Time and again, we might have heard about faith and how we ought to have it, especially when circumstances are bleak. Having faith in someone or something, in my case here – God – will never be without tests. The temptation to succumb to the tests can sometimes be very great and therein lies the real one. We might think that yes, we will be able to overcome the tests when they happen but lets remind ourselves that if we know when the tests will appear then that is not life. Sometimes even tremendous amount of preparation might not prepare you for the real thing. And that is where your faith is tested. You can either hold on tight to it with all your might or give in to their tests. Either way, it is your life. You choose. Just remind yourself though, what is faith and why have it in the first place if you are not going to hold on to it.

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