Success Daily Reminder 110: Speak Your Mind


Holding back your thoughts because you are afraid that it might sound foolish to others is certainly absurd. But many do. Now, I have no issue with withholding your thoughts when that could potentially hurt someone else’s feelings, reputation or even cause a stir in the community. My concern is that most times we all have something to say but we refrain from speaking because of the many assumed negative outcomes that ‘will’ happen if we do. Personally, I feel that to be successful in any endeavor, you need to be attuned with your own mind and confident enough in your mission and objectives to have the courage to voice your opinions or concerns. I understand that it is a learning process that one has to go through. It varies from individuals but what I find is the main driving factor is to always make room for rebuttals. Welcome them. Do not go in assuming that whatever you say is the gospel that everyone should adhere to. Once you can train yourself to do that, then whatever reservations you may have to speak your mind will fade away.

2 thoughts on “Success Daily Reminder 110: Speak Your Mind”

  1. Here’s one rebuttal: I feel that the world we live today is flooded with opinions. Especially with social media, unfounded claims by unqualified people reach the largest of uninstructed audience. I feel that at the end of the day most people hear what they wish to hear rather than what they need to hear. The world does not lack opinions, it lacks acts. Acts by good people for good. Another thing is, if you feel truly feel something about something it will show strongly in your actions rather than words.

    1. Jimmy

      I agree that the world could do better in the actions department. That would be a good post in the future. And as you have pointed out clearly, the world is flooded with opinions. However, usually through a screen. Voicing it out face to face is sadly still lacking, at least from what I have observed.

      Thank you for sharing your rebuttal!


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