Success Daily Reminder 111: Be Curious


The saying ‘curiosity kills the cat’ has perhaps subdued or even killed man’s natural instinct to be curious. In our early years, there were little that we were afraid to do. It helps that people were doting and cheering us on. However, as we grow older, we face resistance and sometimes even from our previous ‘cheerleaders’. This constant resistance and need to justify/defend our actions causes us to reevaluate our curiosity nature.

‘Sometimes it is best to not ask questions.’ Well, to be fair, there are things that is better for you to not know. But the general theme for this reminder is to hopefully light the spark of curiosity that might have been in hibernation for a while now.

Being curious encourages people to think, engage, communicate and step out of one’s bubble which enables self-growth. It broadens one’s perspective and increases knowledge which could be of good use in the future. So perhaps next time, whenever you have a question to ask of someone, give it a go. The worst that could happen might be that your question is turned down. Do not let that fear deter you from being curious though. For all you know, the next person is dying to answer your questions.

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