Success Daily Reminder 113: Think Well Of Others


Intention is created in the depths of one’s heart. Therefore to assume one’s intention is often times a fool’s work. However, that does not stop many of us from doing exactly that. And often times, we will never know for sure. It sure is annoying and sometimes repulsive when others come to you and assume that just because of their previous interaction with someone, they could know that person does not have a good intention. What irks more is the confidence that they display when uttering those remarks.

We need to remind ourselves and others whenever possible to refrain from assuming the worst of others. It sure does not create harmony, rather the opposite and little positivity, if any at all, usually comes from thinking the worst of others. Wouldn’t it be better to give the benefit of the doubt to someone until there is a strong case presenting otherwise? And that case should generally not be relied upon someone else’s.

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