Success Daily Reminder 114: Simple Is Good


We like to think that if a solution is too simple, it must be less effective. We place value on solutions that are more complex and to a large extent, those that cost more. It is a natural progression of thoughts given our current situation where materialism rules the hearts of many and money is generally king.

This affect on the way we think where we tend to complicate things that are essentially simple. The habit of making simple things difficult is generally what causes many to stop and abandon their quest for success. The road to success has been transpired to many avenues that are easily available to many. However, when the mind of the seeker is trained to value complexities in regards to simplicity, he will then feel frustrated with the lack of materials that he assumed are needed to pursue success.

The more research on success stories are done, the more one will realise that the bricks that were laid, are essentially not complex, far from it. Rather it is the continuous persistent on doing the simple tasks right. And that is what most finds difficult. Simple is good but do not mistake it for easy.

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