Success Daily Reminder 115: Build Your Network


The fact that luck plays a significant role in someone’s success is undeniable. We could not choose what our features will be like or if we have any gifts, and if so, have a say on what they are. We do not get to choose which family or even the environment that we are born into. So to a certain extent, the argument that luck plays a role in a person’s success is not unfounded.

However, with that being the law of nature, is it then pointless for ‘mere mortals’ to dream of being successful, at the level of those who were born into all the above-mentioned gifts, or even better?

This is where what we do, the power of our action, comes into play. The way of the world from someone who is just an average citizen might seem mysterious, that there seems to be a secret formula for those who have become success stories. But let’s just remind ourselves, that those people are human beings, with similar needs and wants like everyone else. We tend to usually help our friends, or the people in our circle much more than strangers.

Knowing people and building your network is very important. Indeed, if you want to be successful at any field, your network – who you know – could determine how fast you will reach your goal, or even at all.

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