Success Daily Reminder 118: Stop Thinking Too Much


The best time to do something great is when you’re in the moment. When every fiber in your being just wants to explode from the sheer rush of energy that you are feeling, that is where the magic happens. With something positive of course.

However, it is not always that you are blessed with the convenience or time to act in the moment. So, the next best time to do something great, is to act on it the next time that initial thought reappears in your mind space. Therein lies the danger zone though, when you are in that state, your subconscious self or rather, the built-in chip in you that is wired to protect yourselves will sense this sudden shift in balance and will do it’s level best to keep you safe, by thinking and overanalysing the situation.

So, the next time you want to do something but you are thinking too much and hopefully, you realised that, stop thinking and just do it. It requires practise, certainly. But like pretty much anything, as long as you are persistent at it, you will most likely achieve whatever that you desire.

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