Success Daily Reminder 121: Slaughter Your Ego


As you become more successful in life, your ego inadvertently gets bigger. You cannot help it. People are showering you with compliments, giving you gifts and inviting you to speak at their events. You can probably buy whatever you want, money is not a concern to you. You are indeed blessed, or so you thought.

Trials and tribulations do not only befall those who are unsuccessful, surprise surprise. No one can escape from being tested, no matter how successful, or not, you are.

The challenge with those who are already successful, is that the tests do not appear as clearly as the light of day. It lingers in the shadow of your daily lives and the experiences and encounters you face.

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet a wise and successful man who shared with me some tips to slaughtering the ego. He advised to do these four things before sleeping at night:

  1. If during the day you had angered someone, pick up the phone. Ring that person up and ask for forgiveness.
  2. On the other hand, if someone has angered you, forgive that person, even before they apologise.
  3. If you have helped someone, quickly forget about it.
  4. And if someone has helped you, never forget it.

Simple, but do not mistake them for easy.

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