Success Daily Reminder 122: All You Have To Do Is Ask


We go through our lives worrying about what others think of us. And at some point in time, often when it is too late, we realised that it doesn’t really matter. When in doubt, people will usually choose to find out for themselves over asking someone else. Well, ego could be at play here, to a certain extent. However, I personally feel that it is fear of being judge from someone else that plays a more significant role.

Ask yourself why are you afraid of being judge by someone else? Does what the other person think of you really matter? What is the worst that they can think of you? But more importantly, ask yourself this, could you really determine what someone else thinks of you? Is it in your power? I know you know the answer. We cannot control someone else’s thoughts.

So what is the best that you can do then? Have confidence in yourself. Being confident in itself will up the ante for the other person to think positively of you. Therefore do not worry about the response. If you need help or an answer or whatever it is that requires you to ask someone else, just ask away. The worst that they can do is snicker at you or say no to you. But hey, if you don’t ask at all, you will never find out. And that’s just too sad.

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