Success Daily Reminder 124: You Are What You Tell Yourself


The beautiful thing about life is that it is an unknown place. No one can truly determine the end of another, or how their story will go. Assumptions and perhaps deductions can be made but nothing is for certain until it actually happens.

Do not be fooled to think that our lives are controlled or even determined by someone else. More often than not, that is just a mere excuse from actually doing the hard work, that is living your life. Do not be afraid of taking ownership of your own boat. Steer it to where you want it to be. Just know that you are what you tell yourself. If that is of a follower, who obeys their leader, you are right. And if that is of a leader, who makes their own decisions, you are also right.

Blaming others for your failed attempts at success is pitiful. You are made to be better than that.

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