Success Daily Reminder 125: Style Is More Important Than Substance, Initially


We like to think that our clothes, hair or the way we carry ourselves do not matter if we are genuinely good at what we do. We live in this fantasy where our work or even personality is enough to ‘speak for itself’.

Perhaps that illusion is influenced by the characters portrayed in books, television or movies where either the misfit, lucky or unassuming individual gets picked to be the central character of the story. Or perhaps we assume the religious texts on faith and character as being more important. In any case, we cannot know for sure but it sure does carry significant merit.

As much as we want the world to be less materialistic and judgmental, we cannot escape from the simple fact that we are built like that. We assume someone’s status or wealth or worse, capability by the appearance that is presented. Blame it on the environment or the era we are born into. But just observe a young child responding to a stranger on the basis of their appearance. You will most likely note that those who are better looking or at least present themselves better, naturally gets their attention.

I am not saying that good style is the most important thing. But if it gets you in the door, I do not see the harm in taking better care in how we present ourselves to others. After we all, we each have our missions in life, or at least I hope we all do. Do not let a simple and minor consideration deter you from achieving your mission.

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