Success Daily Reminder 126: Start Your Day Early


Successful people appreciates the value of time. They do not fall prey to the notion that ‘there is no time’. Do not be mistaken. They do acknowledge that time is finite. So they make an effort to fully maximise that resource. And one way they do it is by starting their day early. When you study successful people, you will find that many, if not all, start their day early. When most of the world is deep in their dreams, these people are busy praying, meditating, exercising, reading the news or even replying to emails. In that short span of time before the rest of the world awakes, they could probably have done more than what people who wake up like everyone else can accomplish in their respective days.

Now, do not say that this is not possible for you. It very well is. Sleep early. Take afternoon naps when possible. Make the effort to wake up early while getting sufficient rest. And in due time, it will be a natural thing for you.

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