Success Daily Reminder 128: What Are You Asking Yourself?

Our actions and the outcomes in our lives stems from our thoughts. And our thoughts are the products of the questions we ask of ourselves. We pay little attention to the questions in our heads because it is not ‘normal’ to think about the questions we are asking ourselves. To most, it is a private conversation where freedom of speech is non-negotiable.

Questions that we ask creates a perimeter of focus for our minds. Therefore the more we think about something, the higher chance it will manifest. Our thoughts are powerful tools to create the life that we desire. However, we need to ask ourselves better questions in order to fully maximise it. If we ask a great question, we will inadvertently get great results.

So for starters, instead of asking yourself, ‘Why do I keep failing in life?’. Ask yourself, ‘How do I get what I want?’ instead. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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