Success Daily Reminder 132: Know When To Quit


Quitting has always been associated with a negative slant. To many, it is a sign of weakness and is quite often looked down upon. To save face, many have sacrificed their time and money continuing in a pursuit that they no longer want to carry on further. Somewhere along the line, something happened which caused their motivation or drive to fade away. It is quite common actually. Most would say this is where perseverance is the key to success, which I totally agree. But ironically, I also applaud those who know when it is to quit. It might seem to most as a sign of weakness but it takes a tremendous amount of courage as well to do so. Thinking things through, weighing options and considering the feelings of others who matter, all come into play. This is not the same as when someone quits because they are lazy to continue on, no.

If you have in it in your mind to quit something, have courage. It is ok. But also know for sure why you are quitting. If you fully believe in the reason, then you have nothing to worry about. After all, this is your life. And you’ll be the one answerable for your actions.

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