Success Daily Reminder 133: Education Is A Life-Long Journey


Whenever someone is asked when their education ends, it never stop to amuse me. It is as though after our schooling days are over, so does our education journey.

Education can be acquired from all around us. A school or an institution provides a central place of knowledge which many get educated on certain subjects. At the end of the required term, one usually receives a piece of paper, a.k.a. certificate of accomplishment. This is then paraded around to employment agencies and companies in search for the means to meet their daily needs. Personally, it seems more like a form of business transaction rather than an education.

I believe that education is something that one gifts him/herself to appreciate and understand the world around. It cannot be measured by the regurgitation of content memorised for a few hours of written assessment that in society will determine the employability of the person. Education is a life-long journey, we need to just open our eyes and be ready to absorb and filter whatever we encounter in our lives. It can also be seek from the various resources available, especially now with technology being so readily and easily accessible.

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