Success Daily Reminder 138: Get The Lazy Out Of Your System


We all have that moment, where we just want to do nothing. Never, you say. Well, to those people, you are of a different breed. To the majority of us, we all know that feeling, perhaps all too well. Being a notoriously lazy person myself, I have to say that laziness is a disease. More than that, it is a plague to mankind and society at large. Nothing positive comes out of being lazy. Sure, if you search for something good to tie in to it hard enough, you’ll find it. But who are you kidding.

There are two kinds of lazy.

  1. Those who are lazy to do things so they find solutions or ways to make the procedure faster and more efficient.
  2. Those who are lazy to do things and do nothing about it.

It is quite obvious which of the two types we want to eradicate. Type 1 ‘lazy’ is what most will consider entrepreneurial while type 2 is just a burden to society. Unfortunately, we have a lot more of type 2 than 1. If you know that you are a type 2 and you want to turn it around, then start being conscious of yourself.

Whenever you have planned to do something, make the extra effort to see it through. Say, you want to go to the gym tomorrow, do whatever it takes to do so, even if it is just entering the door of the place. Think of your laziness as a muscle that has not been given a workout. Initially, it might seem like a never ending battle. But as you diligently progress forward, you will find that you can beat this lazy bum (pun intended) away.

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