Success Daily Reminder 141: Rain Is Just Water


Remember those times when you have to go out to do something and the rain pours? You then take that as an omen/excuse to not proceed with your initial plan and blame it on the rain. You tell yourself how it is better to take care of your health and not risk falling sick, as that will surely hold you and your work back.

Personally, I have been there too many times. So earlier today, I did something different. It was literally pouring outside but I had already made plans to go out and get some work done. So I did what I usually do not and went into the heavy rain.

It then dawned on me that yes, in our pursuit of success in any endeavour, we are bound to face obstacles, which are meant to be overcome and give the journey more meaning. Else it will be nothing different from your day to day experience. This does not mean however that you should jump head first to any obstacles presented to you. That will be just plain foolish. Do your due assessment and see them for what they are. Nothing more nor less. Get a game plan. And go on your way.

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