Success Daily Reminder 143: No Man Is An Island


As we continue to increase our knowledge and experience, some of us may fall into a trap – thinking that we can do everything on our own. It is not that we can’t but there is something about groups that make things better, easier, faster and fun-ner. Well, if you have a good one that is.

Working alone is preferred to some because of the flexibility and solitude that some find a preferred environment to getting things done. That is understandable. At times, working in a group can be detrimental to the success of the project. The constant bickering and disagreement or even wasting of time with meaningless chats can be the reasons why one would prefer working alone.

Having said that, there is no denying that one size does not fit all. However, we can attest to the fact that when we have more brains working together, the potential of success is greater, especially when the specialties in the group differs and complements. Choose well and you will most likely be on the road to success.

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