Success Daily Reminder 144: Associate Yourself With The Best


Our childhood heroes could very well be quite an influential person in our lives. When we are still in the search for heroes and someone to look up to, to emulate, naturally, we look towards whomever we associate as our heroes. It could be our parents, or even someone you see on the screens. In the present time, where the screen pretty much dominates most of the child’s time, it is more apparent to be conscious of this process.

Through this, we are reminded about the power of association and how it could actually determine the cause of our lives. Be aware of the type of people you gravitate towards and others to you. If this group of people are not what you aspire to be, then perhaps you might want to actively search for those that are.

This is not saying that you should leave your loved ones. However, it is definitely a bonus if these two groups coincide. And it also does not mean, that if you associate yourself with someone, you would also want to marry that person. The important here is to note that if you want to be the best in your chosen field, then you have to associate yourself with him/her/them. Do your research. Study. Emulate. And keep at it again.

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