Instead of Focusing On Your Many Wants, Try Focusing On Your Ideal Day

If we are told to list our wants and our hearts’ desires, the list could very well be endless. Because naturally, even after achieving all the things we wanted, we would want more. And that is just in our nature. So how then do we combat this insatiable craving for more? It sure does seem like a never ending battle and one that is bound for self-destruction. Spirituality is highly recommended to combat this. But a simpler tool that one can immediately apply, is to list and picture one’s ideal day. Each one of us are definitely capable of doing that. But most rarely thinks in that manner. Most compete to climb the corporate ladder and chase after money to hopefully be able to be the master of it one fine day. And that is a sad cycle. So try this instead. What would your ideal day be? Write and picture it.

Yes, You Fall Down. But Don’t Wait Too Long to Get Back Up Again.

The reasons we fall are aplenty. Many can think up a handful of reasons why it happened. But the story or the only thing that does not end our journey is the getting back up again bit. Once in a while we crumble or falter, either by the weight of the pressure or one or another. And that is ok. The only thing that matters is us getting back up again. Do not wait for the right time to do so though. Better yet, get back up again as soon as you can. When that tiny little positive thought enters your mind space, leech on it and pull yourself out of the imaginary hole you have dugged yourself into. Again, do not wait for the ‘right time’. There is no such thing.

What’s The Point In Blaming Others For Your Failures?

Failures are bound to happen once in a while in our lives. And most of us are aware that it should not matter. What should, is the act of getting back up again. However, it is definitely easier said than done. Most of us when presented with a failure, seek around them to pin it onto someone or something else. It could either be that person hogging the road, or even the heavy rain. Regardless, a lot of us have been programmed to instinctively blame others for our failures. And that deflection of responsibility inhibits our growth to become a better person. Yes, it is a tough pill to swallow, owning up for your own failures, but take it as a learning process, a journey and you will find your way to great success.

Remember That Other People May Not Always Agree With You

remember that other people may not always agree with you quote

That is the fact of life. It would be great if everyone agrees with you, especially on matters that you feel strongly about. But that is only wishful thinking. Differences of opinion will always be present. The sooner we learn to accept and anticipate that, the easier it will be for us to navigate this journey call life.

Always Be Ready To Welcome Opportunities

welcome opportunities quote

Opportunities are like water. You can hold it in your hands for just a few moments till it slips away. So what do you do to retain it? You simply need to make some preparations – have a bucket, mug, or a container within reach.

Well, that may sound absurd to some. Why would you always have those around you? It sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing. In that silliness, lies an important lesson that we sadly overlooked. And then we wonder why others got it all going for them and not us.

Preparation or being ready, does not happen when the opportunity comes knocking on your door. Truth is, you will never know when it will come, so always be ready. It doesn’t hurt.

Learn To Care About People

learn to care about people quote

When we genuinely care about people, it shows in the way we do our work. Even in the way we live our lives. It might not be obvious all the time, but others can sense it. Doing so allows you to build better relationships and connections. Enables you to engage in better conversations and contributions. And most importantly, it enriches your life. You might think that caring only about yourself is the best way to live your life. Well, you probably wouldn’t think so after a while.

Ideas Are Cheap. Execution Matters.

ideas are cheap quote

The faster you realise the above, the better your life will be. We have people that hold their ideas so close to their hearts, afraid that someone will steal it, that they become unnecessarily paranoid thus not really achieving anything. The true successes are from those that realise early on that ideas are cheap, and what matters most is execution.

A brilliant idea takes no time to form but if it is left there alone to wilter away, or even poorly executed, it will never translate to a brilliant product or service. So the next time a spark of brilliance ignite in your mind, make a conscious decision. Execute it, or not.