Success Daily Reminder 145: Great Preparation Could Win You The Battle


It is indeed a simple concept. Prepare well and you have a definite high chance of success. Naturally, once you have done your due preparation, what is left is simply execution. And that is another story all together.

Some people who have a natural flair for rising up to the occasion, and delivering spontaneously well, might think little of preparation. However, the truth is that even those people who think that they could summon their power on demand have been unconsciously preparing themselves.

It could be the things that they are exposed to, – be it the people they encounter or have in their lives or their reading materials – the deeper level of understanding of the subject matter or it could also be that they have an interest in it and have been doing their research for a while now.

The number of them who could just enter a battle without any due preparation is little to none. To put it simply, it is like putting a baby that has just been born to this world into a battle. So before you go rattling away how you can just ‘wing it’ on The Day, you might want to take your ego and laziness a notch down and give it  a serious thought.

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