Success Daily Reminder 146: Do Not Be Greedy


Greed has been the downfall for many throughout the passage of time. No matter how many stories we heard about the temptation of greed and its control over self, it does not fail to get many of us again, and again.

When told of the caution we should apply when in the presence of greed, most either laugh it off as something that will never occur to them or simply just nod acceptance to move along the conversation. In our right mind, we know what is right and otherwise. However, for some things, like greed, the definition varies from one to another.

Some view greed as selfishly wanting more than what everyone else is having. Others may view it as desiring something more that will likely cause harm to others. Regardless, the word is simply negative. It is frown upon by society at large. And most of us have been taught since young to avoid being greedy.

That said, do not confuse putting in more effort to achieve better result as something similar to greed. If it does not put anyone else into a disadvantaged state, I personally believe that it is then fair play. It is only when a small little voice in our heart starts to voice out their tiny desire to hurt others in order to have a bigger share of the pie, should you immediately put an end to it.

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