Success Daily Reminder 147: Put In The Effort Required


I am sure that each of us or at least most of us, have dreams, goals and aspirations. We believe that we are capable of more and that we deserve better. And if you think so, you are right. However, if you do not think so, you are right as well. But let us leave that to another time.

When we wake up each day, with a goal in our mind, and we do nothing about it, do not even think of achieving it, ever. Unless some miracle which happens as rare as they come, occurs.

If one resolves to let the occurrence of the miracle to determine if his/her goal is realised, then it was not really a goal, not even dream, simply just a fantasy. And that has no place in a successful person’s mind space. Fantasies are great to have, it allows an escape from reality but if one truly understands the value of time, like how a successful person does, then it holds little weight in the list of priorities.

One needs to be clear on their goals, dreams or aspirations. Find out what needs to be done to achieve it by doing due research. Then carry them out, and you will be on your path to achieving whatever you have set out to achieve.

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