Success Daily Reminder 148: Fear of Success


Yes. There is such a thing.

Often times we hear about the fear of failure and how that has been stopping many from taking risks – even calculated ones – leaving their comfort zones and venture into the unknown forest. Even the promise of countless treasures that can be found inside could not tempt them.

So the question is:

Which one of these are we more afraid of? Failure or Success?

If you say the latter, you are spot on. Most of us, have in some ways, been programmed somewhere in our lives that we are not deserving of success. Therefore when something that resembles a success is about to happen in our lives, we tend to sabotage it. Or we ignore the path that could lead us to success. This could be due to past failures or being repeatedly told we were not good enough. And it does not just stop there. Unconsciously, in our minds, we assumed the defeatist position and that is way the curse really happens.

Get conscious of your behaviours. Take a special note, when you are about to achieve success; be it your ideal shape, life partner, winning a project, basically anything that defines success for you. What are you feeling? What is going through your mind? Write them down? Especially the negative ones. Face them head on. Do not let them fester in your mind space. Weed them out.

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