Success Daily Reminder 149: Get Them ALL Out


An amazing tip that has been shared with me in regards to achieving success is this laborious but very effective method. I have to stress that this is only possible for those with a strong will. You might be one of the strongest in the gym or the smartest in class, but when it comes to will, those are pretty much obsolete.

Write down 50 things why you cannot achieve whatever it is that you want to on a piece of paper. Even the most silly reason. And burn it. Do it consecutively for 3 weeks. Now, I know some of the environmentalist here might be frowning upon this, at least I did when I first heard about it. Unless you do not mind burning your technological devices away, that is the only option for now. If you have an alternative suggestion or recommendation, please share with us.

P.S. Special mention to Fred Then for this awesome tip!

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