Success Daily Reminder 151: When You Care, You Lose


For a while now, that logic has been internalised in me. I have been sharing it around and many agrees, especially when they are up for a presentation in front of an audience, that logic definitely helps.

However, as I was writing this, I began to realise that as many occassions it can be applied to, it cannot be applied to all. At least that is how I come to realise. It did not sit right with me to leave the phrase in totality to one standard rule of thumb.

As much as it hurts whenever you put your emotional stake into something or someone and it did not work out, it does not mean that you should avoid it altogether. In the end, caring for something or someone and getting hurt along the way is the way of life. And on the bright side, when you care for something, that is where usually success happens. Simply because when you have got skin in the game, you will be more motivated to ensure that it becomes a success.

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