Success Daily Reminder 153: We All Seek Validation


Oprah pretty much nailed it when she shared with the world that essentially, we all seek validation that we or/and what we do matters. In fact, the actual phrase that she used was, “Was that ok?”.

No matter how independent and ‘self-actualised’ the person may appear to be, inside, he or she still seeks validation from others. And if we put it in real perspective and observe how people get into gangs, this mostly stands true.

“Did you hear me?”

“Did you see me?”

“Did what I say mean anything to you?”

Are these questions familiar to you? They probably are. You might not say it in those exact words but the essence should be somewhat similar. Now that we know that people are basically people, regardless what position they are in, do not let their glitters and shine intimidate you. See past those things and look into their souls, you will find that they too seek validation, no matter how little, or so they say, that may be.

So go out there and give validation. See them. Listen to them. Acknowledge their presence. You will find your relationships improve and that people generally likes you more now and also when compared to others.

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