Success Daily Reminder 157: If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything


For most, following the flow is a comfortable and easy choice. The risks are pretty much spread across many people in a way. In some sort of twisted reality, if everyone else is feeling the pain that you are feeling, then the world is somewhat fair.

And unless living like everyone else is the way you define a successful life, you will have at least a chance at it by mustering the courage to stand for something, either be it your beliefs, principles or moral obligations. Once you do so, you have gifted yourself with an identity that separates you from most.

That will help to make you be more aware of things around and when they come at you. It will be a guide to steer you away from things that will negatively impact your life. And ultimately, it will ensure that you have lived a fulfilled life, at least according to you.

As in the end, whose opinion of your own life really matters?

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