Don’t Judge Someone Based On Their Past Actions

don't judge someone based on their past actions quote

We frequently fall into this trap where we define someone based on what they had previously done. We can’t help it. Especially if we have not known this person before. Most of us have been programmed to form opinion on someone else as soon as we meet them. So we scan for as many signs and reports as we can upon meeting someone.

Although that may be good in certain situations, where the time given is limited and decisions have to be made, in most cases, I personally feel that it should be relaxed. Let’s remember that we are not one dimensional creatures. The oft-cited phrase ‘what you see is what you get’ is most often a myth. Well, it could very well be true to the extent of your dominant personality but we all have our colourful sides. No matter how white or black we might appear to others.

So loose that judging act, and get to know the person for who they are. Note the tense used.

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