Do Away With The Plans Before You Have Made Your Life Goals

do not make plans before life goals quote

It gets quite frustrating when all the plans we have done and carried out only leave us empty after that short burst of high upon accomplishment wears off. And we go back to the start and do it all over again, thinking that we will get it right this time around.

The phrase ‘start with the end in mind’ sits perfectly in this common situations. We need to remember that our lives are our stories, our movies, our own show. Remember how frustrating it is to watch something that does not have a clear direction as to where the story intends to go? Sure, at the start, the suspense is very much appreciated but when it gets to a point where the constant state of unclear objective is apparent, the allure starts to wear off. And there goes the rating.

Making life goals may intimidate many, especially the young ones. They are afraid that it is too early to decide what they want their life to mean and they are very much inclined to explore the ‘endless possibilities’.

Now, here lies the beauty. This is your own story. Your very own movie and you’re pretty much the star of the show. Having life goals are not limiting but they serve as your life guides. They can be your aids when deciding upon opportunities that come your way or events that happen in your life. It will strenghten you as a person and you will then live your life with purpose

And when something happened and you realised that you have to make some changes to your life goals, embrace it. Welcome it. That is part of the growing process.

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