Ignore The Snide Comments

ignore the snide comments quote

We all receive them. Especially when we want to do something that is out of the ordinary, at least according to our environment. It might come once in a while or every single time. Hearing them can get us down and we might feel as though we have been stabbed, especially if those comments were by our closed ones, the people that we thought had our backs.

The fact of the matter is. There are two ways that can explain why those comments exist.

Firstly, it is usually because they have not succeeded in doing what you are attempting to accomplish and they would not want to see you either get hurt or worse, succeed at your attempt.

Secondly, they mean well. Those comments are meant to push you to prove them wrong. A bit too harsh but that is how they see fit.

Either ways, you cannot know for sure. So, do yourself a favour and ignore them all. Let it slide off your shoulders and continue to stride forward with a big fat smile plastered across your face.

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