Do Not Expect A Pat At Your Back From Others For An Accomplishment

do not expect a pat at your back quote

Most of us, especially when we were young, were most likely given a pat at our backs when we accomplished something. And that has somewhat nurtured us to expect it as life continues. However, the sad truth is that as we grow older, society acts differently when we accomplish something. Sure, some still do give pats at our backs but we also get those that are negative or even suspicious towards them. There are even those that go the extra mile and comment on why were we not able of achieving more.

Those comments hurt, especially if they were from people you expect to receive the pats from. But that is life. In the ideal world, people behaves according to how we expect them to but in the real world, that rarely happens. So instead of crying about how insensitive or senseless that person is, pull yourself together and give yourself a big fat pat at the back. As much as we know the importance of having loved ones and a strong support system, one thing for sure, there is only one person’s action that we can control, and that is ourselves.

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