Instead of Focusing On Your Many Wants, Try Focusing On Your Ideal Day

If we are told to list our wants and our hearts’ desires, the list could very well be endless. Because naturally, even after achieving all the things we wanted, we would want more. And that is just in our nature. So how then do we combat this insatiable craving for more? It sure does seem like a never ending battle and one that is bound for self-destruction. Spirituality is highly recommended to combat this. But a simpler tool that one can immediately apply, is to list and picture one’s ideal day. Each one of us are definitely capable of doing that. But most rarely thinks in that manner. Most compete to climb the corporate ladder and chase after money to hopefully be able to be the master of it one fine day. And that is a sad cycle. So try this instead. What would your ideal day be? Write and picture it.

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