Choose Your Load Wisely

When we are starting out, every opportunity seems too good to pass up, at least for most of us. But upon taking on them all, we find ourselves burning out and dreading the work. Therefore we need to be wise enough to choose selectively from the platter. Yes, we might be afraid that the opportunity would never come again and you will come to regret it in the future. But that is usually just your mind playing tricks on you. Decide to the best that you can at that time, with all the knowledge and resources available to you at that time, your selected choice(s). Work hard at making them a success and if it turns out the other one that you did not choose becomes a greater success, do not fret and know that you made the best choice that you could at that time. Life is about risk albeit calculated one. Sometimes you win and sometimes you win lessons. But it is important to enjoy the journey regardless.

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