The Power of Small But Consistent

It is very tempting to go all out and do what you have to when you have just been inspired or motivated. That state makes you feel invincible and on top of the world. You feel like there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal and you could probably smash through all the walls that are in your way.

That sounds awesome. But sadly, it cannot last.

The problem with ‘going big’ is that it has some good effects in the short-term but fail miserably in the long-term. And unless you want to be successful for just a few moments, you might want to give this one a thought.

Consider performing small tasks consistently and notice the positive effect it will have on your life in the long run. It might frustrate you when you have all these enthusiasm in you and you are unable to express them all out but bear in mind that once the drug wears off, you will most likely find a million excuses to avoid doing what you have been doing. And to overcome that mental challenge is a lot harder than being consistent at the small stuff.

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